NewAir Cigar Cooler Humidor

Newair carry cigar humidors of different sizes. The smaller the humidor, the smaller the cigar you can store, and the longer the cigar will stay fresh, for longer. If you’ve ever thought cigar storage could be cooler, NewAir now offers “premium cigar storage” in six sizes: 5 Cigars, 7 Cigars, 8 Cigars, 10 Cigars, 16 Cigars, and 32 Cigars. These large humidors come ready to go and contain one and a half times the storage capacity than any other larger humidor currently on the market. NewAir also offers a larger humidor that will hold your favorite Corona cigar and smaller cigars that don’t fit the size criteria.

Each humidor contains: 1 Humidifier, 1 Humidifiber, 6 dividers, 1 drawer and 1 base. No extra cords needed to make it fit inside your car. The humidifier is the perfect solution to your cigar storage and is easy to maintain. The humidification unit is an easy to clean and maintenance free system. A simple push of a button will start the humidifier. This keeps the humidifier and humidors working together to keep your cigars looking fresh by providing the necessary humidity to the humidators body. The humidifier works on natural air or CO2 and will maintain between 55 to 70 percent for at least 3 months. This unit comes with an internal timer which allows you to control the humidity of your humidors without ever having to turn the machine on or off. A built in humidity probe will enable you to know as your cigars are growing as the humidity rises.

It provides a clean, easy draw for your cigars and an easy to use hygrometer to measure the level of your cigar.

It’s designed to fit in any wall and is ideal for cigar storage around the home, the office, and in the gym. NewAir’s high-quality humidification system is designed to maintain even humidity throughout the year. NewAir’s patented Humidification System consists of our revolutionary “Hot-Gas” heating element and cooling system.

Just place your humidor inside for months or years of uninterrupted cigar enjoyment. All of the humidors feature a high quality, patented, and patented adjustable humidification system, and are ready to go directly from the box. Available in black, charcoal, beige, and olive, our humidors can be customized to fit any size or budget.

At NewAir, the humidor is the center of your storage system. The humidifier and humidifier coils stay in place, while the top-mounted cigars stay in place. If you want to add another cigar, move one of the cigars to the top-mounted humidifier. Unlike traditional humidors, in which cigars are heated by a heating and airflow chamber, the entire humidor is heated with a temperature regulating heater.

Made of lightweight stainless steel with a removable heat-treated steel bowl and a removable bottom, this cigar humidor not only keeps your cigars fresh, it is also the perfect gift to give to your loved one year after they have enjoyed the cigars.

The adjustable humidifier keeps your cigars at the perfect humidity level whether the climate is wet or dry. NewAir Cigar humidifier also boasts a new automatic humidification mechanism that keeps cigars ready to enjoy during the day. The automatic humidification system automatically activates when the humidifier senses humid environment. The system works well in the dry climate or if the humidifier is not used. It automatically keeps cigars at the optimal humidity in less than five minutes and keeps them at that level until the air conditioning unit is switched on. As mentioned above, NewAir Cigar humidifier can be placed inside or outside the garage as desired. Available in several different sizes, flavors and colors, newAir Cigar humidifier is a must have for any cigar enthusiast.

This model is designed specifically for the discerning smoker and the quality and durability of the humidor makes it a very worthy addition to any humidor.

Its easy to clean and keep your cigars at optimal humidity at room temperature.

The innovative design of all the accessories make these humidors easily movable with your hands, and the patented Humidification Chamber allows you to take your cigars wherever you go.

The humidor has two separate chambers – one for storing the cigars and one for storing the humidifier. The humidifier chambers contain all the essential cigars needed to maintain the humidity level. The storage box has a draw cord to control the humidity levels to achieve a consistent temperature throughout the year. The storage box comes with two humidification bags and two adjustable dividers to keep cigars separate within the humidor.

NewAir can stand up to the abuse, and it can even get up at the drop of a hat. The interior is made from a high-tech stainless steel frame and coated black for a luxurious smooth look. Two shelves allow for easy access to humidification and an internal drawer will contain cigars and other accessories. NewAir can also be used as an accessory humidor so you don’t have to constantly haul cigars around. Plus, its adjustable legs keep it perfectly level for all-day storage. As you can see, this humidor has all the benefits of the top-notch humidor design (and also the top-notch price point) and it has all the storage and cooling functions like an air conditioner can.

With a heat mat and an internal humidity control, this humidor is perfect for people who care about their cigars. A single-layer design provides a smooth and dry air-tight environment 3 heat settings, plus a built-in humidity control Includes a built-in storage compartment (3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″) Stops moisture from passing between the humidifier and cigars Includes a built-in carrying case, so you won’t need to worry about your cigars being lost during travel Easy to clean with just water to get rid of humidity Stable temperature control provides a stable environment for your cigars Lightweight and portable so you can give your cigar a rest after a long day

Its sleek design creates a great look while reducing the weight of your humidors. The NewAir Cigar Humidifier can be used outdoors, at home, or in the car, and its unique design lets it fit in nearly any pocket. They are also offering two additional humidifiers that are specifically designed to hold large cigars in your humidor. These premium humidifiers have built-in, easy-to-use LED lights and are the only available humidifiers in the U.S. that emit true, colored light.

The cigar air humidor makes it easy for you to smoke as much cigar as you want!

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