Humidor Buying Guide

Buy the smallest. That will cost you a few extra dollars, of course. But you might also save money by finding a better humidor for your collection, but the small one will save you space, and won’t overheat.

Choose the least expensive. Your cigars are going to be stored in the humidor for a while, while temperatures cool. Buy the cheapest humidor option you could afford. A little more money will help you save some money in the long run, and your cigar collection will look better in the process. For the record, that means buying a humidor that’s no larger than 60 or 70 cigars in size.

Buy cigars. If the box says cigar for sale or the box says the cigars you want are on sale, buy them. When a box is too large, your humidor may have to become “overfilled” with cigars. (Or, in the case of cigars with high humidity, that your humidor will be filled with air as you put them in. See a “stove” below for info on this method.) Once again, stick to cigars you enjoy. You don’t want cigars that taste bitter like some cheap cigars do. It’s a fine balance between taste and moisture. Don’t expect to enjoy every cigar in your humidor, just choose a few that you enjoy.

Buy a humidor in bulk. Huge humidors are expensive, and you’ll probably want to save at least $125 on a 300-cigar humidor to get the best value. And, in the end, you might have more than you need to store a few of your favorite cigars, so saving $100 will only add up. The best way to buy enough humidor to hold your favorite cigars is by buying larger humidor units in different brands. If you’re the type that has a lot of favorite cigars or doesn’t like humidors with many cigars, buy the smallest model—one that’s only slightly larger than the size of your cigars.

When you buy a humidor, always shop for quality. There are two important things you must consider: The size of your humidor and how long it will last. Most larger cabinets tend to last longer than smaller ones. A large humidor will accommodate a much larger collection of cigars, especially the larger, more expensive brands, but a small one will fit a smaller collection of cigars. The amount of cigars you’ll have to store will depend on how large as you go. A big humidor holds two dozen cigars or so; while a light-colored humidor will hold one-third as much, it might be able to hold as many as four to five dozen, depending on the brand and price.

The size and number of boxes you need will also depend on how much you smoke. A 200-cigar humidor will provide enough space to hold between 80-100 pounds (26-52 kg), whereas a 200-cigar humidor will hold between 40-100 pounds (23-64 kg). So, the more you smoke, the larger your humidor should be. You can also buy more boxes if you’re like me and just want more cigars.

You can also buy a humidor with built-in drawers to store extra cigars. These humidors are also often called “smoke bars” or “wood cigars” because they give you an open look into your humidifier.

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a humidor.

1. Buy a humidor that fits your space

2. Have a backup system

3. Use a portable humidifier

4. Choose a different size humidor

Where do you buy it?

The first and most important thing to consider is where you shop. Most cigar shops offer “cigar shopping” as part of their regular business hours in between customer appointments and promotions, so you can expect to find the humidor in one of these locations. Most major chains will also have a humidor in their flagship store but many will have some in their shops and sometimes other locations too. Also, check around to find out if you are able to buy in a couple locations. This will make life easier for you during the holidays and you can often make extra money if you are able to buy in more than two locations.

Choose a Humidor

When choosing a humidor, there will be a ton of options out there, and your choice may depend on whether you already own cigars in a variety of sizes. Check out our guide on the best humidor types (if you don’t care about the size of your cigars, but just want a great humidor), and find the one that’s right for you.

Best Humidor Brands

You’ll find the exact same brand (or brand combination) of humidor under multiple brand names. In the case of a retailer-owned brand, though, you may find a small difference. I’ve heard some people complain about brand-name manufacturers of humidors leaving out the humidor code and/or the capacity of the humidor. (A brand brand can also be a little more subtle than an independently owned brand.) In my experience and research, I’ve found that the brand name and the brand number stay the same.

How Does a Humidor Work?

If your humidor is an expensive luxury item, you have to be careful to pick one with a removable cover. While humidors are easily removable, they cannot be opened. You could, however, store the humidifier and cigars inside the humidor without a cover—or put them in a baggie and stuff it in.

If you’re buying a portable humidor, choose one that has a separate compartment for your cigars. Your cigars need to be kept in an airtight box to keep their moisture in.

Also, do your research and research how long you’ll keep your humidor. This can also help with the size of your humidor. Be sure to find one that has room to hold three or four cigars of equal size. One small, one medium, and one large can make a larger humidor very affordable if all you’re using it for is cigars. As long as you’re shopping for a humidor with at the least two shelves for your cigars, you’re sure you’re getting one that will last you a lifetime.

If you’re not sure about the humidification of your cigars, ask your local smoking shop. You’ll likely be given advice on how to make your cigars less bitter.

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