How to Choose A Humidor?

Choose your humidor

As the price of cigars increases, so does the variety. You should be able to find some in any variety, including those of lower price points than your average brand. You can also find these on-line at a reasonable cost and, if necessary, in a store.

Many people often ask these questions:

  1. How do I tell the difference between a good humidor and a poor humidor?
  2. What type of humidor do I need?
  3. Is it okay to store cigars inside of humidors?
  4. What should I do if I find a Humidor that is leaking?
  5. Why does my humidor smell bad?
  6. Can I make up my own humidification system?

We are here to answer all your questions.

Once you have your cigar humidor ordered a few months for some reason, you should be able to easily choose a humidor that suits your level of smoking desire.

Another good method is to consider a range of humidors, depending on if a particular cigar would best be enjoyed in a smaller size, a larger size, or some combination of the two. This will allow you to choose the appropriate size and shape for a given cigar.

Many smokers have found that choosing a humidor that is suitable for their preferred smoking style is the key to best satisfaction and enjoyment of the cigars. The most popular choice for beginners is the cigar humidor made for the small, medium and large size cigars.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the standard humidor is cost. However, there are some ways around any expense, including how to choose an ideal humidor. In this article, we go into detail how to choose the best humidor for your needs and budget.

Choose the right humidor size

You have a limited space in your humidor that you can properly fit, so here the size should be considered. A larger humidor should have more air flow to the area that needs more air circulation.

My main recommendation is a humidor with a tight, well-ventilated compartment. With a well-ventilated compartment, the humidity level and air flow will never be too high. Some people also like those with a large door that makes it easier to have a humidor of larger dimensions. Some would even say a ventilated metal humidor is superior to a metal, glass, plastic or wooden container.

Also consider the type of humidor you’re going to use. If it’s a glass or plastic humidor with a very large door, that’s going to give your humidor a slightly lower temperature and will not create as many drafts. I’d recommend the one with a well ventilated compartment, but if your humidor is a wooden or metal one with a smaller door, I think you’d have to consider other options.

Pick your options carefully. If you don’t think water temperature or air flow are critical to your selection, a well-designed humidor is likely to do just fine as long as it’s not so big that you can’t put your cigars inside!

If you do need an extra humidor, be sure to choose a size that fits comfortably in your space. This is especially important for larger humidors that might require expansion at some point in the future (I personally have a 3-humidor system that has room for 10,000 cigars). Some people like to take their humidor to another room (especially if they are taking cigars with them) in order to be in a better position to pick fresh smokes.

If you are planning to take a longer-term approach to your humidor needs, I highly recommend having several additional humidors to use at different times (at least a couple months apart). This will allow you to adjust the humidity of your humidors regularly to try to maintain their humidity at the proper level.

“We’re all familiar with the “What do I need to know” questions. You say, “I’m looking for a large enough humidor. Where should I pick it?” Now, you may want to ask yourself the same question, but then maybe you’ll need to start shopping around. I want to make sure that we really have the right humidor as an option for you. So, I’m going to go around and tell you about the different kinds of humidors that can fit your needs, so you won’t end up on the internet picking one out to try. You may have already been, but now you really need to let me know what you’ll need.”

If you’re thinking, “I have no idea,” don’t worry; the pros don’t either. The pros have been selling this stuff for over ten years, and these are only the things you can think of that you may have already heard of. There are many great tips in this article and if you think there are any that I should have included or missed, kindly comment.

When considering whether to select a humidor, many people compare their options on a number of criteria including price, space, and availability. Some people prefer to buy a bulk humidor before they purchase a full size humidor. For those people, they should purchase an extra humidor at a premium since you can’t have too many. For many cigar enthusiasts, purchasing a bulk humidor is a necessary step.

Most cigar fans who are looking for a premium humidor purchase one at a premium price. The average premium humidor is around $150 if purchased without tax, depending on the state of residence. If you purchase a bulk humidor from the humidor manufacturers of your choice, you can expect it to sell for $300 to $400.

Now, if you have money to spare it’s worth it to buy a premium humidor.

In order to help your new humidor find proper humidity, you need to select the right set of humidors. Humidors come in a few standard sizes, and there are several factors that determine your optimal size. A well-built humidor should have a minimum air draw of 35 gallons per hour. While not ideal, that is still the ideal air draw for a lot of people. Your humidor should be large enough to maintain its volume in constant, measured temperature.

Size matters. It’s not something to take lightly! When designing a humidor for your new cigar, you’ll want to take a close look at the minimum temperature required to maintain proper humidity, so you can avoid overhumidification if you must.

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