Cigar Smoking Tips

1. Choose cigars that are inexpensive. Buy cigars that will last you at least one week and enjoy the quality. If you plan to buy a full box of 6 cigars for $40-$50 instead of buying 6 cigars for less than the price of the box, your costs will be reduced. Also check your local cigar stores. You’ve probably seen them in your hotel lobby for $10-$12 and you might be able to pick up the same cigars anywhere for less than their list price because the prices will be lower for a longer shelf life.

2. Get a humidor. If you plan to smoke cigars all day and all night, you might want to go with a more durable humidor for the sake of quality smoke.

3. Keep your cigar in a cool, dry, dark room. Many cigars are sold in humidors that are too small to accommodate all the cigars. A humidor that fills up in two minutes is not ideal for long-term storage.

4. Don’t forget about flavor before lighting a cigar. Smoking cigars is a delicate business, which is why it may take you a few sessions to find that perfect smoke. 4. Don’t forget about flavor before lighting a cigar.

5. You want to smoke a light, medium bodied tobacco. This is the reason a cigar is made: to have a medium body. The more tobacco you add to a cigar, the stronger the taste and, ultimately, the richer it will taste. Adding more tobacco does affect the wrapper but not the filler. To keep the taste of cigars at an acceptable level, we recommend that you select about one pound of tobacco per cigar. Some people like to add less tobacco, but the end result will still be satisfactory.

6. You need to choose your cigars wisely. The biggest mistake people make when deciding on cigars is taking a “best of both worlds” approach to their enjoyment. They assume a cigar is an all-day cigar or an afternoon cigar, or an indulgent cigar and an all-consuming one, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying both varieties.

7. Don’t be fooled by the term “smoke a cigar”. You can pick up a cigar, pack it, hold in your hand, and smoke a cigar just as well without this term and with any other. While not every cigar is crafted perfectly, many of the most famous cigars are so great that they must be smoked. However, you can easily have a great cigar experience with any cigar. While the quality may be high on occasion, your experience will not be as good as if you buy it with the “smoke a cigar” descriptor. For a more pleasurable cigar smoking experience, you should enjoy smoking them in isolation.

8. Smoke with your mouth open. Some people like that the cigar is in their mouth, while others prefer to place a cigar between their lips and suck on it.

9. Choose an appropriate size for your hand or fingers.

10. A good cigar needs to be aged at least five years in a small warehouse or cellar. To be able to enjoy a cigar as a cigar smoker, a cigar needs to be aged in a brick or similar building, preferably a warehouse or cellar. While a single cigar will age very well, you’d better have a lot of cigars for your cellar so that the flavors and nuances you’re getting from your cigar are more experienced over time. Many cigar smokers don’t bother to age their cigars, which means they’re spending money they shouldn’t be paying, as an aged cigar will taste different.

11. A good cigar needs a premium wrapper made of tobacco from a region with a higher amount of humidity.

12. Keep your cigar in the box to keep the cigars clean. This trick won’t do you any good if you keep your cigars in a box. As they get older, humidors deteriorate and you don’t need a dirty cigar box. If you’re going to store a cigar, keep it in the box. The humidor keeps the cigars clean and smells fresh!

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