Best Hygrometer for Cigars

It is not just the simple way to measure the humidity, but rather it is also to monitor the humidity level for a longer period of time and, therefore, is a necessary condition for a proper long-term cigar use. Having said the above, there are always some cigars that are prone to humidity increase and it is therefore extremely important to know what is the cause. The most important thing to know about this topic is that an over humidified cigar is not good.

It’s important to be able to maintain the humidity and temperature which are critical characteristics for cigar quality and a good smoke. In other words, a person should not smoke a cigar that has a low humidity level by mistake. The reason you must keep a hygrometer in the humidor is to keep track of the number of cigars that you have stored and to ensure a proper humidity level and temperature within those cigars.

A hygrometer has two functions: to tell you the volume of water and to show the relative humidity of the humid environment: “What is the maximum humidity of the humidor?” “Is the humidity too high”

A hygrometer should be equipped with the correct digital reading, temperature and humidity gauges that can monitor and control humidity and temperature. The manufacturer should then indicate if this product is suitable for that level of use. The unit should be able to measure the temperature and humidity of a humidified room in any situation. The temperature and humidity should be as close to the proper level as possible, as this is necessary in order to make the correct humidity control decisions.

What is the ideal hygrometer reading for cigars? If the readings are close to 75%, then the humidor is a perfect place where cigars can be stored in temperature optimum conditions. In other words a cigar should be kept a minimum of 40% humid. If the readings are below 75% then it is unlikely that the cigar will stay at optimum temperatures. Another factor is the relative humidity of the cigar depending on the size of it.

When to buy? You have to choose your humidor carefully. It should be able to give you better control over the temperature and humidity levels. Some models are less costly and give you more control over temperature and humidity or higher humidity. However, your humidor should be able to withstand the temperature fluctuations.

I hope it’s obvious that the humidity in a cigar is an essential piece of equipment in controlling the cigar. If at all possible, the cigar should be stored at 40-60 degrees F. or cooler and it needs to have a humidity of between 70-75%

If you are lucky enough to have one that has an electronic display, it will help you to keep track of the hygrometer, along with a temperature sensor built in, which would allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity as well. Keeping the humidity level high and the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This would allow the user to keep the humidity level as low as possible while keeping the temperature as high to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

The key to choosing a best humidity sensor is how accurate it can show you a reading. The best humidity sensors work by taking readings over a very wide range of temperatures. This is one of the reasons that some hygrometers have an ‘optimum temperature reading’ which is very accurate and easy to read.

Get a hygrometer that is well-built: All things being equal, a high-end hygrometer that is sturdy and very sturdy can easily endure even the harshest climate.

Select a hygrometer that can easily be read: If not read, it is probably a low-end unit that won’t be capable of performing its main purpose. The next thing to pick is a hygrometer that is very easy to read, but has an automatic reading feature for hygrometers that don’t have it.

You can check out our detailed hydrometer selection guide to make the task a little easier. Once you know what you need, then you have to work out the right price. A good hygrometer will come with a good warranty so it will not cost you an arm and leg to get one.

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