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When you think about humidors, chances are, you don’t have a lot of options. At the simplest level, just select one type of humidor you can afford and hang it on the wall — unless you’ve got a whole lot of cigars in that box and you need a separate humidor for storing them. As you probably remember, a cigar does not sit exactly in the center of the humidor.

So, what is the best cigar humidor? The answer is: it depends on you. If you’re a big cigar smoker and want to try out new cigars, you’ll want a full-size humidor; if you just have a handful of cigars to try out, you can just get a small humidor. In the end, it depends on your size and tastes, but if you’ve got a small collection of fine cigars laying around you

If you’re going to buy your own humidor, you need to be more precise.

How To Store Your Cigars For Maximum Cigar Flavor

Many smokers will never need to break in their newly purchased cigars in order to enjoy a good cigar, but you should be making sure no matter what cigars you buy, you store them in a humidor until they’re ready to smoke.

What makes a great cigar cigar? It is all about what you add. Don’t leave out what you do add. If you’re going to smoke a new cigar (or three), you’ll want to treat it like you want to smoke it.

Storing Cigars in a Humidor

The humidity of the humidor should be between 75 and 100 percent. You can store your humidor with your cigars by filling or putting jars of cigars in the humidor. As the temperature increases, the humidity decreases and the cigars are lost to dampness. Some cigars, such as mild to medium cigars, will be more prone to moisture loss in humidor situations.

“My humidor is just a small box in a bedroom,” Mr. Wert says. A larger box—say, a larger 10-cubic-inch box —would be perfect for storing cigars that need more space.

You’ll want to plan accordingly. Also, be sure to add some charcoal to your humidor. It will aid in regulating your humidification by keeping your cigars in a better environment for a long time.

The larger the cigars, the more room they require. In general, larger cigars can be stored in single-mold humidors for up to 60 days. Cigars that are smoked quickly are also more easily kept fresh and at a decent humidity.

Choose the Right Humidifier

If you’re planning on aging your cigars in an outdoor situation, you’ll likely want to invest in a humidifier. These are more expensive than the regular type of humidifier, but they do offer the same capabilities of the premium model. In a humidifier, cigars are placed in a container and then let sit for several days. The humidity in the container will increase the longer it remains in the environment.

How do I store my humidor properly?

The first step in storing your humidor is cleaning it. Don’t allow moisture to accumulate around the cigars, because this is the single most important factor in aging cigars. You don’t want any particles left behind to create condensation, which can slow your cigars down. Cleaning the humidor is also a good idea to keep it looking good.

Why do you need a humidor?

There are three reasons. First, a humidor keeps the cigars you want to smoke fresh, preventing the degradation of the cigars and the subsequent loss of enjoyment. Second, a humidor is very comfortable for long-term storage. And third, the humidor helps you enjoy cigars that are aged for many years.

How to search for the best humidor cabinet?

Make sure you don’t end up with a pile of unused humidors in your room. If you’re at the ready to get into buying a humidor, consider this: If you’re serious about keeping your cigars in a humidor, the ideal humidor size will depend on how many cigars you think you’ll want to store inside. But you don’t just have to keep up with everyone else who’s buying a humidor — you could be the best in the world.

Why taking care cigar is important? The same way you might take care of a car: You want to know the relative humidity, so you don’t get “lost” in a humidor with a higher-than-usual humidity. This is important since your cigars are likely to be in the humidor for a while before they ever smoke. To determine your cigar’s relative humidity, place your cigar and seal it against the top. Make sure that the seal is tight enough not to allow air or water in. If you have a large humidor and a humidifier, put the first hole in the middle. Make sure to set aside the second hole in order to get enough tobacco to smoke.

What is the best humidor buying guide? Let’s break down the factors you need to consider in choosing a humidor. Why Buy a Humidor? Most buyers want something special to keep their stash of cigars fresh. If you’re serious about cigars as well as cigars, there’s no question which premium humidor is for you. Check it out for yourself.

With thousands of products on the market with similar humidification techniques, you don’t have to go looking for the “best” as you can find it easily online. Most high-end humidors will fit just about any needs. If you’re searching for affordable, but high-end products, you may have to stick with the larger brands that are more expensive and available to more people. If you do have to search a wide array for a product, here are some common questions you might have and answers you may encounter: What type of humidor should I choose?

Here are a few tips to choosing the right humidor for you.


Most humidors come in five different kinds and capacities—the larger the capacity, the bigger and more expensive the unit. You’ll certainly need to shop around for the best set-up; you can buy a small one for less than $200, but if you already have a smaller humidor that’s not ideal—which is how I usually end up, when I have a couple of hundred cigars in a drawer or on a shelf in my garage—you can put it to good use.

When selecting a humidor, it’s important to think about the number and size of cigars and their relative humidity levels. Cigars can be stored in almost any humidor with the proper humidity levels.

Choose the right humidor size

The best humidor size for you will depend on how many cigars you have to smoke regularly. It’s best to buy a humidor that can hold roughly three to six cigars, depending on the price. An ideal humidor should hold roughly one million cigars, including the ones you have to smoke.

The Bottom Line

If you only have a few cigars in your humidor, consider getting a 30- or 40-cigar humidor. You’ll save yourself hours of experimentation while enjoying your smokes. If you have a larger selection to store, or if you’d like to combine that capacity with higher humidity, consider finding a “single” humidor with a humidifier. Choose one that’s large enough to adequately house all your cigars and has enough space around it to accommodate storage for more cigars.

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